Sunday, January 28, 2007

Heatseaker: Missbehave Magazine

We all know and love those cool kids over at Mass Appeal Magazine, and apparently the guy went ahead and got a lady friend.

Missbehave Magazine is literally founded by the wife of Mass Appeal founder Adrian Moeller, Samantha, and the mag is poised to be "for the fashion rebel" or as Mrs. Moeller put it herself in this interview at

"The ultimate Missbehave girl is a sassy, fun-loving, downtown girl with oodles of style. One day she’s a tomboy, and the next, a total glamour puss. She has as many pairs of sneakers as she does high heels. The Missbehave girl is creative, beautiful, and full of energy. She loves the nightlife and she loves to boogie!"

Clearly this girl aspires. Clearly, this girl is me.

However, as someone wisely stated "all have tried and fallen short of true magazine greatness," especially when they try to be that irreverent chick mag for street culture. And before the girls of Missbehave magazine come knocking with their brass knuckles, or whatever the fuck it is "fashion rebels" do, let me be clear: they tried to kick some real shit on the concept. I'm all for femme mags that don't make me feel like I'm in the deep throws of the 1st day of my period (sorry guys, but the ladies know what I'm talking about). But Missbehave should get her act together if she wants to make it last on the newstands.

Hot: First off, the magazine design is fly as hell! It immediately grabbed my eye amoungst the bland glamour covers that is women's magazine publishing. And Lilly Allen on the cover? Great choice, this girl epitomizes what I imagine a "Missbehave" girl to be ("smile" has to be the dopest 'fuck-off-you-dirty-bastard' song made in a while). The accompanying article was just a good, as well as the interview they did with french "rapper" (yes, I'm using that term very loosely) Uffie. They also included an article on exacting revenge that not only had me rolling, it definitely will serve as a reference next time it's time to get even ("Karma's a pothead, so sometimes you gotta coax that bad boy along" - so true). Some highlights: seam ripping the nike swoops off your ex's kicks and returning your ex-bestfriend's clothes in neatly superglued piles. Next motherfucker that crosses me better watch out...

Warm: Another highlight was the 6 page beauty spread that provided some artistic takes make-up. And I have to admit, they put me on to a lot of random things (I'm trying to figure out how I can make it downtown to catch a metronap on my lunch break). And though I enjoyed the concept of a section to highlight people's tattoos (tatts crew), I was disappointed that they didn't show half the tattoos that pornstar Belladonna talked about (...yea, I guess you got to read the mag...).

Cold: My biggest beef with this magazine was the language in which they wrote. Maybe they were trying to be hip and cool (which is something that one shouldn't try for, you end up looking like an asshole), but it often came off like an aim chat session between two Laguna Beach rejects. To their defense, I didn't catch any "dunzos" in the mag, but there were enough whatevs, gawds, sos, likes, and gags amongst the type I was ready to slap a bitch. Another what the fuck moment was the mag's need to accompany "stories" with one the page fashion spreads. Trying to get me interested in nail art (yea, I didn't get it either) with a made up story about some inmate named "CoCo DeVille" (seriously?) was whack and worthless. Another worthless item was their article an Icelandic installation artist known as Shoplifter. When they can explain to me how "a photo collection of headshots and legs arranged in a matrix... represents the body-part dilemma", I will explain how I don't give a fuck. It was a bit to heady for this mag, better off using the space to talk about Detroit hairshows (which, for the record, produce the same "art" shoppy does, but in a much more interesting way).

In short, I fucks with the mag, but it's obvious that Missbehave mag is still searching for their voice in the publishing world. However please pick up the mag and support, cause the last thing I need is a list of "26 ways to keep my man happy". Fuck that, what has he done for me lately?

Here's looking at you kid...

Opinions are like assholes, and these days it seems like everyone had an extra one ripped so they can have shit to post on their blog.

So I'mma join the fray. Why? Cause when pop culture tries to hit you with the wink and a gun, somebody's got to tell them to cut the corny shit...
Things to check for:

Heatseaker: A review section keeping tabs on what's hot/cold.

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AW HELL NAW!: When shit gets outta hand, imma let you know...
and of course,

Snatchies!: Cause I can't possibly cover it all, I let you know what else is cracking in the global village.

More stuff to come soon I'm sure, but in the meantime, enjoy suckas!

PS - I love the Chesire Cat, that cheeky bastard.


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