Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Basketball Player Falls Victim to Fame

I never even saw this coming. All this time I'm thinking that Tony Parker was this nice little French boy, and here he is trying to drop a very cliche hip-hop album.


I'd hate, but the video is so underwhelming I get sleepy at the notion of trying to think up something witty to say.

The sad thing is it will probably do well in overseas. You know those Europeans be on some other...


The Brits get in on this gentrification game. Oh joy.

Distract yourself at work with a trip down memory lane.

Would you like tits with that? Joe Francis thinks you might...

Disney considers reminiscing on the happier times of African American history... Singing slaves!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

White is the new Black, which was basically Black anyway, before it turned White

This guys are from the A, and they want you to "Party Like a Rockstar". I love how all these young black kids are sweating "rock" culture now, as if black people weren't there in the beginning.
Their myspace page shows them posing with electric guitars. I pray to God they know how to play them. Something about the stances looks extremely fradulent though...
I'd hate on the song, but the hook is dumb funny and catchy (ttt-totally dude!).

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lebron James: Ballin!

Lebron James is a savvy young man. Whereas most NBA newbies may try to stack friendships with hip-hop stars and pantie-less fans, James invited an old white man from Nebraska to be his personal guest at his last Cavaliers game.

Big fucking whoop right? Wrong. That old white guy is Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in America , worth a whopping $52 billion. He's one of, if not the most, finacially savvy men in America. Bill Gates goes to him for money advice.

And now LeBron James can call him friend.

"He's terrific," Buffett said. "I just want to be partners with him. He can probably buy the whole place."

Take that Jim Jones.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tracy Morgan's Mating Call

Usually I dislike Tracy, but now I find that when intoxicated, he's hilarious.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


When she's not starving herself Mary Kate Olsen (or MKO as I like to call her), donates her empty thoughts to the New York Times...

Skinheads rejoice! Obama Bin Laden is still up for grabs...

Vannessa Minnillo wants to record an album... Hold my hair while I throw up, m'kay?

Get Ya Daddy...

Dear Uncle Sammy,

I like to support black businesses. And I can appreciate your attempts to promote your "furniture flea market". But next time you decide to get in your sunday best and shoot a commercial advertising your business, singing about how your business is "just like a mini mall", do me a favor. Don't.


Wink and Gun


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