Sunday, August 26, 2007

Replacement Therapy

While everyone's bemoaning Amy Winehouse's eminent demise (hey,she wrote a hit song about refusing to go to rehab. Put that on her tombstone and tip it.), allow me to suggest a nice, healthy, drug free substitution.

Her name is Alice Smith, and she hails from Washington,D.C. She's got a nice raspy deep voice that's reminiscent of Mary J and a deep register and clarity much akin to Anita Baker. Her amazing song "Dream" was featuring in the end credits of Episode 49 (The Day F*ckers, where they bet to see who can get laid first, E or Turtle).

Entourage features some crazy good music, to the extent that you can go to the show website and buy some of the tracks that were featured on the show. However, if you're a cheapo like me, you probably will illegally download it. So like a good mom who would prefer her underaged kids get drunk at home, I rather have you download from me instead of pirating from strangers. Enjoy!

Alice Smith - Dream

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