Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We are your friends

PR juggernaut Kanye West has been fervently promoting the forthcoming "Graduation", and in true graduate form he's been doing a lot of self-reflection on his many public missteps. One of the most noted was his blow up at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards, where he stated that “If I don’t win, your awards show loses credibility.”

As it turns out West realizes what an asshole move that was, describing it as a “complete momentum killer” So what was this video that defeated Kanye, not once, but twice (considering how he's since made nice with the video director As So Me, and is even working with him on the video for the next single, "Good Life")?

I had never seen this video before researching this post, but I recently became a big fan of Justice and this song in particular, so to see that the video is bad (as in good) is no real surprise to me. These are some creative cats, and if you like dance/electronica these dudes are at the forefront of talent, especially in Paris. Coincidentally, Kanye is up against Justice again this year in the best video category of the VMAs, with Ye's "Stronger" facing off with "D.A.N.C.E."

I love love love this video. Mad creative. I swear European's just do it better.

Either which way, Kanye says he won't be mad if he loses to Justice this year. “I would feel better to lose to this video right here, because this video is completely genius.” I'm glad he feels that way, because I personally think Justice's video dumps on "Stronger." They definitely bring some originality to the game. Unfortunately Ye's got home court advantage, so I think Justice is gonna have to hold off to the Europe VMAs to get their acclaim.

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