Thursday, August 30, 2007

Woman refuses rain on skin, prefers umbrellas


You know someone emailed this via, and at first when I saw their headline "The Apocalypse is Upon Us", I assumed it was another child singing poorly, as is vogue for youtube these days (that and bad dancing, but that never gets old apparently).
In true black blogger form many have evoked the name of the Holy Spirit over this boy and his singing talents, but I truly caught a case when I heard what song the boy was singing. That m*fucking "unwritten" by Natasha Beddingfield, other wise fondly known as "feel the rain on your skin."
I seriously had been meaning to do a post on that song, because I swear to god it seems like every friggin moment is an occasion to feel the rain on your skin. Period cramps? Feel the rain on your skin! Just washed your hair? You guessed it, feel the rain on your skin girl! Your watching The Hills? We'll they've been making it rain since 2006!
So the fact that this young boy sloppily runs through all 4 verses truly is a sign of the end. And guess what? In hell they play this song on repeat. I suggest you get your life right.

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