Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ahh yes, the hate is strong with you young kemosabe.

I know hate. How? Because I am a hater.

I'm not necessarily proud of this, however you know they say the first step is realizing you have a problem. I've been hating since I popped the bottle out my mouth, tossing witty barbs since I saw my first episode of Full House and peeped that that Stephanie Tanner had that hate game proper! F*ck Steve, it's all about Mister Bear (gon' head get your imdb on)!

I digress.

As a gift of being a hater, I can sense when others have hate strong within them as well. Take Essence magazine for example. In a slightly odd twist (as this mag has never given me edgy) to compliment their gay, straight or taken selection of "bachelors" for their 2008 "Do Right Men" listing, they have also created daily "Do Wrong Men" selections as well.

Um, okaaay... seems a little gratuitous and a haterade convention. So I partook. And who's week one?

Lebron James.

*scratches head*


According to, James' offenses include posing with Giselle Bunchen, not signing a letter, and driving 101 mph. Oh. Ok. Yea, yea, he definitely is no good. Call the lynch mob, this one's got to go. Speeding? Photos? Letters? Homie you're too far gone, come back. Full link here.

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