Thursday, January 29, 2009

ABC News States the Obvious, secures Late Pass

Hey Guys! ABC News just posted this FASCINATING story about how to use Facebook to hit on people! Wow! Neat-o!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Two Term

A strange thing happened to me November 4.

I was in the full throws of celebrating, and I thought about my little brother. My pure, sweet, little three year old brother, who had been following the election as adamantly as any CNN commentator.

My little brother, who's first president, to his memory, will be a black man.

How encouraging it must be for him! The first generation to really be raised without (technically) the boundaries of race choking their every dream. The first generation where "one day, you could even be president" won't sound like a far fetched statement.

And I was so happy for him.

And then I got jealous. Jealous for all my little unborn seeds fermented in my ovaries, who, if i didn't act quickly, wouldn't be able to say that their first president was black.

Thus a switch was flipped. A clock began to tick. And Project Two Term was born.

Quite simply, Project Two Term is a consequence of the Obama effect, with very simple goals: To meet a man, marry him, and have a baby before the end of Obama's second term (and yes, I am assuming two terms).

This may sound a bit extreme, but let's tell the truth - the black family is back in a big way. I can't look at the Obamas without swooning, and every time I do, my little eggs quake with excitement. I want that.

And after spending my day looking at this, this, and this, I want the domestic life. I want my Barack Obama.

Thus, look for this series to update you on the struggles and triumphs of love, marriage, and baby. Project Two Term in full effect.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Red Squirrel

Not too long ago, I read an article in the NY Times about the Red Squirrel v Gray Squirrel battle that's been going on for a while in GB. Seems the Gray came over from the states, and basically strong armed the cute lil' reds out of a lot of food and stuff. So now they're dying, and Patriotic GBs are being encouraged to eat gray squirrels to save the red.

Kinda crazy really.

Either way, my obsession with furry rodents notwithstanding, I've come to see that I've been bullying my own little red squirrel in my life.

My red squirrel being any type of creative and productive outlet. It's so easy in life to sort of get on this path, close your eyes, and cruise control it to your destination, wherever that may be. But then you miss everything in between. And that's not how I want to live my life.

So it's back to... something. Anything. Squirrels I suppose.

But I have faith in this round on the wagon. Mostly because my one resolution in 2008 was to write down every day of my life. Some would call that a daily journal. I being of the more anal and organized variety, would call it a "retrospect of 2008."

And though it was hard at first, it became routine, to the point where now I do it everyday, pretty much without fail.

Lets hope... "blogging" comes as easy.

A post of day keeps the whackness away.

My short list of obsessions:
1. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
2. Musinah's Day.Break 2.0
3. Stevie's "Don't Know Why I love You"
4. Vegan options that actually taste good
5. Aveda's Be Curly & Mixed Chick's Leave in Conditioner.


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