Monday, March 23, 2009

HOW TO TELL: You're At A Hood Event

1. The flyer advertising the event features a back shot of a girl with a big butt

2. A girl is loud talking in line about “this muthafuckin bitch think she gonna cut me in this line…”

3. There is either a sign, or a bouncer announcing the following things are not allowed:
a. Rat tail combs
b. Fitteds
c. Fatigues
d. Chain belts

4. Your breasts (or balls) are brusquely cupped when security frisks you at the door

5. You see fashions you haven’t seen since Bush’s 1st term, like:
a. Jersey dresses
b. Full denim outfits
c. Fubu or Phat Farm
d. Coogi Sweaters

6. A girl in the line to the bathroom is loud talking “that muthafuckin bitch think she gonna cut me in this line…”

7. The DJ plays an Uncle Luke set.

8. After the luke set, the club starts to smell like sweated out perm.

9. A fight breaks out. Bonus points if its girls. Triple those points if it’s that same girl who’s been loud talking all night.

10. The Let Out is more popping than the actual club. At least, until the police show up.

1 comment:

  1. LMMFAO @ rat-tail combs...I am not looking forward to people following that revival led by Kanye and Bobby V...smdh

    LOL @ The Sims photo...that game clearly needs black developers cuz even in the newest 3rd version they still have no negro-friendly options

    I remember almost getting into it in front of 1223 over somebody cutting me in line so maybe thats that 25% hood comin out.



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