Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Made Me Go There: Why Tracy Morgan is Bad for the Image of Black People

Some dude wrote this opinion on the Blackplanet news website (PAUSE: not like I got an account (I check) or anything):

Foes of Morgan’s portrayal might be quick to suggest that in the age of Obama, negative Black images aren’t really helping. These foes would also probably be missing just how much skill and timing are necessary to aptly feign ineptness as effortlessly as Morgan seemingly does.

He goes on to say that we should only be mad if Tracy doesn’t win an emmy.

Here’s the deal: I’m not even really mad at Tracy, because the fact is this dude’s got serious problems under his belt (see my previous post about Jay Mohr’s impression of him… and how homie was smoking dippers like it was nothing). I wish people would address the reason why Tracy is so funny is because he’s inappropriate, which is a result of him being high. We just laugh and watch as he puts himself at risk of becoming another comedian who loses their life to alchol and drug abuse.

Beyond knocking the “secretly intelligent humor” defense out the box, there’s the other important fact that everyone conveniently overlooks time and again: SATIRE DOESN’T WORK. Ask Dave Chappelle. Ask the creators of All In The Family, who satirically characterized the father as a racist to point out how stupid his beliefs were, but a study later revealed that people rarely got the hint. A more recent study of The Colbert Report again illustrates that people don't get the subtle humor of satire - conservatives actually believe Colbert is truthfully expressing his opinion.

As much as people would like to suggest that satire is actually subtle and intelligent commentary and critism of the world of around us, the fact is people are dumb, they don’t get it, and it doesn’t work. Tracey already (technically) got a Golden Globe, lets save the Emmy for after he sobers up and starts putting some real talent behind his act.

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