Thursday, December 31, 2009

MY Top 5 of 2009

Well it worked. I knew if I had enough people tell me what they liked, I would know what I liked from 2009. Here's my pics:

1. Black Dynamite
- Written by actor Michael Jai White, this blaxsploitation film spoof was hands down the funniest movie of 09. Its full of quotables that are only funny in context, so I just recommend you go see it yourself.

2. Starburst's Berries and Cream Commercial - It's randomly hilarious.

3. Daniel Merriweather - In a world where blue-eyed-soul-imported-from-the-UK was the next best thing since the jheri curl, Daniel Merriweather is a standout. His album really had a solid "60s soul in the future" sound, and it was produced by my fav Mark Ronson. Peep his debut album Love and War.

4. Twitter - dammit I hate to love you but I do. It makes every insignificant moment of your life significant.

5. Google Wave - Never did I want something so bad that I didn't fully understand. And now that I got it, I still don't get it, but because I love Google like a first born child, I'm completely willing to get a study group together to figure out why it's so great.

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