Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tastemaker's List 2009: Adrian Hopkins

I love year end lists, but am usually too lazy to actually write them. So here are the best things of 2009, as determined by the coolest people I know.

Name: Adrian J. Hopkins
Bio: I study media. I share things. I try to move you.

* Top Song: "Daily Routine" by Animal Collective // I've never heard music sound like this before and it's wildly addictive. Their album Merriweather Post Pavilion has topped several best of '09 lists but it's not too late to join the indie bandwagon and impress your friends.
* Top Album: Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 by Raekwon // As a lifelong Wu fan, I had been eagerly awaiting this album for 10+ years and the Chef's (insert cooking metaphor) didn't disappoint. (See: "Pyrex Vision") (Also: best album by a 40-something rapper.)

* Top Meme: Keyboard Cat! // Even when I'm nowhere near a computer, just thinking of clips like this make me guffaw.
* Top News Story: SkipGates-gate // Although I hated how everyone suddenly became a race expert, I think the President's handling of it will be a seminal moment when we look back on it from America's non-white-majority future.
* Top Thing That Should Be Left In This Decade: The word 'swag.' A plague a' those who repeat this dreadful, meaningless but abused term. (Runner up: 'yung,' this guy's gonna catch it the worst.)

1 comment:

  1. Cuban Linx 2 was good...but it wasn't THAT good. There were better albums this year (see: Loso's Way, Cam'ron x DJ Drama x Gangsta Grillz)

    Things that should be left in this decade: the black pseudo hipster. Nice fitted jeans bro and that's a rad fixie you've got, but 5 years ago weren't you rockin a 3x throwback jersey and a du-rag? smh.



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