Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tastemaker's List 2009: Shaka Shaw

I love year end lists, but am usually too lazy to actually write them. So here are the best things of 2009, as determined by the coolest people I know.

Name: Shaka Shaw
Bio: Everybody's favorite blog villain, Shaka Shaw never lies to kick it. Shaka Shaw is an aspiring writer living in DC post-Howard-bid with his wife and the type of dog that most guys don't have the balls to walk around with.

 Top 5 of 2009:
1. Kanye West - Though he didn't grace us with much new music, this year's Taylor Swift debacle was glorious. His villainy should be saluted. Not only was he right (stop frontin' and grow a scrotum), he let Black people know who Taylor Swift was to begin with and bolstered the sales of her worthless music.

2. Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II - Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to f*ck with. Neither is Raekwon apparently because he put his foot, knee, and entire portly lower half into this album. After I heard this, I had to burn Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 (which I totally Limewired) onto a disc just so I could use it as a coaster.

3. The Cool Kids' Gone Fishing Mixtape - Aside from the previous reference, I don't f*ck with studio albums anymore. This mixtape is why. I can't imagine what they could have possibly saved for the album when the mixtape was this good from beginning to end...and I like to pick through my music like a meal served at a white person's house.

4. Barack Obama - The person wasn't interesting to me, but what I did find interesting was how long the brotha has gone in office without actually getting sh*t done...and managing to get a Nobel Peace Prize. The masterful part of it is that the yahoos and rednecks opposing him just solidify B-rack's spot as America's golden boy. Let's see if we go one more year without resolving any real issues. Damn libs.

5. Vibe's Rap Bracket - Vibe has never been an authority on hip-hop, but they confirmed this fact this year with their dumb-ass "greatest rapper" bracket where they turned the age-old greatest rapper debate into a fantasy football tournament. Long story short, Eminem was voted best rapper. Too bad the paper they used to print that issue was a little too glossy to wipe with. Vibe shut down on June 30, but were picked up recently by Intermedia Partners, who hope to resurrect the brand. Might I add that Joe Budden's comments on it and subsequent YouTube rant caused an altercation between him and Raekwon.

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