Monday, December 28, 2009

Tastemaker's List 2009: Tracy Clayton

I love year end lists, but am usually too lazy to actually write them. So here are the best things of 2009, as determined by the coolest people I know.

Name: Tracy K. Clayton
Bio: Photographer. Blogger. Creative.
My top 5 of 2009
1) Twitter. Because short is the new long.
2) The White House. Because it's the new black.
3) Tiger Woods. What's the difference between Tiger and Santa Clause. Santa stops at three ho's.
4) The Death of MJ. Only the greatest death of all time. I'm just sayin.
5) iPhone. The most overrated gadget of 2009, er-uh of all time. Yes, I'm an owner, but it would be nice if the thing made calls.

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