Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Email From My Mom

Postcards From Yo Mamma is a website filled with the crazy things moms say on the internetz, it was a big deal like a year ago and actually got turned into a book (as publishing companies tend to do, because they're erratic entities fighting to stay relevant).

Regardless, in the vein of "Parents say the Darndest Things!" this is an email my mom sent me today:

SUBJECT - RE: Hi [Mind you this email was in response to nothing, she just likes to put RE: in the subject header to annoy me.]

Hi Kia,

Okay so I’m not trying to bug you or project my will on to you, but as I walked through our Student Union here on campus I was thinking how you’re being a college professor would seem to fit you so well. I am projecting when I say that while, I don’t love the particular job I do at the moment I LOVE academia…with all its quirks and politics. But you being SO BRILLIANT and a lover of reading and writing, and loving engaging in intellectual conversation….well you know where I’m going…..higher ed has your name all over it. You basically make your own schedule, have all holidays off (which are supposed to be for scholarship….but that depends on where you teach. Research 1 places are all about scholarship). Anyway, thanks for letting me ……be me.

Love you,


This is a conversation my mom has with me AT LEAST once a month, so at this point I just humor her with a smile and a nod. Special lady. For more "cute" parent antics, check out Parents Just Don't Understand.

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