Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the moral of the story is... believe a man's shirt

1. If a person wears a shirt that says "I Am A Motherfucker" trust and believe them.
2. Movie lines can apply to real life.
3. Bus bench ads are great sources of irony.


  1. LMFAO...he really shouldn'ta been talkin sh*t if he was gonna throw that weak a** punch in the chest and then get pummelled by an old man. HAHAHAHA good one Kia!

  2. Deeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyuuuuuum! I woulda grabbed old girls cel phone. Nobody could have left the bus with that on videotape. Nobody could have left with visual proof that I got my ass beat by Old Man River.

  3. DAMN!! Dude got his ass handed to him by an old guy with his pants pulled over his stomach! That old man put it down like he was old school golden gloves. J is right. How you gonna talk shit and throw an overhand punch? The ending is just icing on the cake.



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