Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cats for Coffee, and other Animal News

It seems someone at Vice is as obsessed with cats as I am. After Stoner Cat comes an article on the latest trend in Japan - Cat Cafes. Apparently lots of apartment buildings in Japan don't allow for pets unless your married with a family, which leaves for an entire population of shy and lonely 30-somethings without the means to manifest their inner cat lady. Thus, the cat cafe. Read more about this fascinating trend at Vice. [For the record, I am physically incapable of becoming a cat lady, as I am actually highly allergic. Ironically, my sister loves cats and we had five throughout my childhood. You can't live with that many cats without developing a fascination for those stuck up furballs. Especially when one decides to torture you, as my sister's evil cat Aladdin used to do me. However, karma is a bitch, and Aladdin died alone in a closet. Natural causes, or something. The end.]

Also, in keeping with cute animal news, famous DC area panda Tai Shan got shipped back to the breeding grounds of China. I don't really know who that panda is, but I did find this video of baby Tai Shan (TyShaun? Forreal?) sneezing that is absolutely hilarious. That panda was fully enjoying her rice cake.

If you need a good cry, here's an oldie but goody of Christian the lion being reunited with his former owners in the wild, set to Whitney's "I Will Always Love You." Let it all out, nice and slow.

Finally, there's Googling, and then there's Googling With Kittens. Note the difference.

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