Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prince: Genius At Work

I'm going to be honest - judging by my itunes play count, I love Prince more than I love MJ. I know you can love them both, but ever since I caught wind of the MJ vs. Prince parties I always knew who's side I was on. Apparently this might have been a real life rivalry, if only one-sided ("he played like helen keller." I love it). Regardless, every Halloween I conspire to be in some Prince-inspired costume, like Morris Day and the Time or Vanity 6. It never happens, but still - from the clothes, to the ass-less chaps, to the overtly sexual lyrics, Prince is an icon. So of course I was thrilled when these vids of Prince's practice sessions started to surface, especially performing one of my favs, 17 Days.

I love his arrogant rooster strut. It's always the little ones...


  1. Good read! I'm a MJ AND Prince lover...can't say I would choose Prince over the King of Pop (lol) but I respect your position! :-)
    "Don't stop til' you get enough!..." -MJ

  2. Playing a keyboard guitarFebruary 17, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    MJ = ok
    Prince = cool
    Rockwell = Greatest thing to ever happen to pop music



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