Monday, April 26, 2010

Diplo Does NOLA

This is the pilot episode from Diplo's "No One is Safe", a new series on Current, and it actually looks quiet decent, or should I say MAD decent (pun!). I must admit, I'm always sort of... given pause by certain majority's obsession with certain minorities music (and always wondering when tejano music is going to get its moment in the sun - queremos bailar!), but we're going to keep it light and instead point out that Diplo is an amazing DJ and if you don't sweat out your perm at one of his parties you're obviously doing something wrong.

Bounce music def takes me back to freshman year at HU, when I first learned how to "monkey on a stick" and "walk it like a dog," solidifying my love for dirty south music, so it was nice that he featured the genre in the pilot episode. Also, I'm obsessed with New Orlean's accents. Ayy behbeh!!

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