Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Not So Artful Holler

Having resided in DC and now New York for four years each, I will say that DC is probably one of the worse places in the world to get hollered at on the street. I have been cussed out, had food thrown at me, and called everything but a child of God simply because I didn't respond when someone tried to holler. Mind you, I'm not a rude by any stretch of the imagination, but in DC you learn early on to say "no thank you" as opposed to ignoring the men. Surprisingly, living in Harlem I've experienced nothing but the most pleasant street game ever. Most times dudes just say things like "god bless you ma" which I'm always game for. Years in DC scarred me though, I hold my breath in anticipation of a cuss out when I tell a dude he can't walk with me. Sad the ignorance is only getting worse.


  1. - sigh- Jesus be a fence. I don't know how dc can get like that. I lived by Banneker HS and would hear little boys pickin on girls from a young age and it was brutal. who's raisin da pickney and correctin da yute dem?
    God bless all my sistas... sad ya'll need protection against your own brothers -smh-

  2. So if I saw you on the street and said "pardon me, I just wanted to let you know that you have a gorgeous caramel tone and you carry yourself in an eccentric yet professional manner. And by the twinkle in your eye I think we have the same interest in carnivorous dinosaurs. If you aren't busy I'd love to take you out sometime" would it fly?

  3. Um, yea, duh. As long as while you're saying this, you're not salaciously licking your lips and pretending you have x-ray vision. That's a real deal breaker.

  4. Don't worry, I don't have an LL Cool J mouth disorder nor do I pretend to have x-ray vision. I'll keep the thoughts of me being a soy milk biscuit, you being gravy, and sopping you up to myself. One day I'll see if my lines actually work on you.



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