Monday, May 17, 2010

A Very Real Question of The Day: Facebook Edition

I'm going to go ahead and admit it right now off top - this post is ageist. I'm very sure this will come back to bite me on my ass when I'm "grown and sexy" (as old ppl who think they're young tend to say) but right now I've got age and ignorance on my side and I'm rolling with it.

Now for the question(s) - Do you friend older people on Facebook? Specifically older family members?

This is a question that greatly distresses me, and that I've debated before. It's just that as Facebook becomes more ubiquitous and the online population expands, there's always those awkward gaps in internet culture, like when Myspace people make the jump and they start writing "thanks 4 da add" or your page, or when newbies get a little overzealous with the silk pillow wall posts. Things get lost in translation on Facebook if you're not really familiar with the person, like the time when I "got engaged" to a friend* on Facebook and my parents started fielding phone calls of congratulations. I realized then that just because someone is your Facebook friend doesn't mean they actually get you as a person (duh).

Which brings me to my current situation. My dad's sister requested me as a Facebook friend about a month ago. As of now, for the record, "I forgot/don't see it/aren't on it that much/any other good excuse to not friend her." However I fear the day when I'm going to have to address the issue head on and face to face. Anyone who's my friend knows my page isn't explicit, it's just that its often filled with humor that may be lost on more than one person. I'm ok with people not getting it, I'm just not into explaining it if you don't. I plan on continuing to ignore her request, but when it comes down to it should I friend her or tell her the truth and risk hurting her feelings? Is there an obligation to friend family on social networks? I need to know the rules of netiquette.

*This friend is gay, and the picture that showed up in the news feed when it was "announced" was of him sitting on my lap, full glossy lips. Why anyone would take that seriously is beyond me, but smarts are rarely distributed equally.


  1. I end up just adding people...some members of my family already consider me "bourgie" so I don't feel like getting shittalked from across the country. I think this is a bad policy though.
    I had my wedding last yr and could not (and did not want to) invite all of my relatives. Im from Cali, so many of them I hadn't even seen in the last 10-15 years so i didnt think it would be a big deal to just invite those I was still close to. Sure enough, one of my hoodrat cousins had the gall to write me the day after my wedding via Facebook saying how she didn't think it was right she and her brothers weren't invited (she had of course seen a album called "Shaka's Wedding" on Facebook posted by another, closer cousin who was invited). Oh I wish I could print my "colorful" response to that. That being said, add friends carefully...everybody in your family isn't your "friend" so keep that in mind when adding folks. I talk most of my reckless sh*t on Twitter anyway and they'd never find that acct, so FB has become a tame all-purpose contact point to post clean versions of what I really wanna say.

  2. Yea, that is whack & bold of them. I heard weddings bring out ppl's crazy side.



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