Friday, September 24, 2010

Whale's Hard Knock Life Ends in San Diego Projects

Ok, So kinda not really. But kinda!

A killer whale died Tuesday afternoon at SeaWorld, prompting the cancellation of whale shows at the park, officials told 10News.

According to SeaWorld officials, trainers noticed that the whale named Sumar was not feeling well on Monday. Veterinarians were notified and blood samples were taken.

Despite being given antibiotics, Sumar's condition worsened Tuesday and he was declared dead shortly before 1:45 p.m., park officials said.

C'mon son, we all know this whale committed suicide. Sumar's mother attacked him when he was just a calf, so they had to be separated and he was basically raised an orphan. To make matters worse, guess who Sumar's daddy was?? Tilikum, the orca who put the "killer" in "killer whale," most recently killing a trainer in Orlando back in February. For the record, this was his third homicide!! However Sea World officials keep him on because he's a male whale good for impregnating the ladies.

I've been obsessed with Tilikum since his February murder, and I swear every captive whale drama can be traced back to that mofo. But even prior to that my opinion of captive sea mammal attractions and amusement parks like Sea World soured when I saw the documentary The Cove. The film focuses on the particularly inhumane and corrupt kidnapping and murder of thousands of dolphins in an area in Japan, and if you watch it you will never go to Sea World or anything like it again. The things we humans do to other animals for entertainment. It's just plain cruel.

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