Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kanye's Runaway: A Work of Art

There's nothing Kanye West won't try. If it speaks to him as an artist, if he feels it's important to the conversation, if he wants everyone to pay attention, Kanye isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to accomplish that task. In that tradition, this past weekend Kanye West unveiled his most ambitious project to date. After premiering at screenings around the world, Kanye released his greatly anticipated long form music video, Runaway, on MTV, MTV2, and BET this past weekend. The story is of a phoenix (portrayed by breakout star and former Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks) who falls to the earth, and falls in love with Kanye, only to realize that she cannot bear the close-minded nature of this planet, and must return in flames to her own world.

It is as heady as it sounds. Though cinematically beautiful, the short film is wrought with metaphors that can feel equally forced and confusing. Is it about Amber Rose? His Ex-fiance? His career? According to Kanye, you can mark it as all of the above.

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