Wednesday, October 13, 2010

REEEEPEAT!!! Katy on A Mission

This. Right here? Is my. Jam.

The drum beat: crazy

The bassline: Sick (and super familiar)

The melody: Awesomely admirable and catchy.

So who is Katy B? And what is this song crazily addictive?

Katy B is a young girl (her wiki is vague about age, maybe early 20s?) out of the U.K. who's gaining a reputation as one of the primary female voices in dubstep. For the uninitiated (including me) dubstep is a genre of electronic music originating out of the U.K. and birthed out of the tradition of UK grime, garage, and drum and bass. Dubstep songs are characterized by heavy basslines, reverberant drum patterns... and repetition. I've heard dubstep DJ'd at some parties, and it often feels like the type of music best enjoyed under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and depression. It can be very dark.

That's why what's going on now in UK dubstep is very exciting. Artists are innovating and evolving the sound to be more accessible (and commercially viable), and Katy B is at the forefront of that movement. She dabbles in all types of UK underground sounds (often the only girl in the room), and is quickly becoming a force both underground and commercially. Katy B linked up with big time dubstep producer Banga for this track, which went to #5 on the UK singles chart, and #1 on the dance after it's release in August.

Naturally, a fan was born when I was introduced to this track. Katy B's voice is soulful, yet doesn't pander, like some other UK chicks in love with the soul sound (coughjossstonecough). This song to me is the perfect smorgasborg of house, bass, dance, and soulful sounds. It's got a lil' something for everyone!

That bass beat, which I just knew was a sample, kinda is/isn't, only because its a prevalent bass line pattern in the dubstep scene. If anyone can name the exact song that popularized this beat, please let me know, cause my google efforts were nil.

I set it and forget it on this joint. Like she says "This right here I swear will end too soon..." Partake!

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