Wednesday, October 6, 2010

REEEEPEEEAT: D'angelo & Bilal

Remember this dude D'Angelo? He had this awesome naked music video, then he lost his shit and became a crackhead. But he's back! And on Mark Ronson's new album "Record Collection," which is awesome and I'm going to go see Mark in concert next week so cue your jealousy... now.

Sad thing is, when I heard this track, though I loved it, I had forgotten what D'Angelo sounded like. Is it Cee-lo? Is it Bilal? Nope, it's just the hardness of life wearing on vocal chords. But speaking of Bilal, here's one of his songs from the excellent "Airtight's Revenge" that is also on repeat. I sincerely have these two songs on a playlist by themselves, it is that serious. Partake!

PS - I keep thinking Bilal is saying "cruel on the outside hot in the middle," which to me is actually a very accurate definition of love, but I googled. Its not.

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