Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is Tyler Perry the new Oprah?

Tyler Perry made news and won considerable praise this past weekend when it was announced that he would pay for the rebuilding of an 88-year-old's burned home out of his own pocket.

Incredibly kind acts like this beg the question: In the future, in the tradition of patron saints of the black community, will there be digital photo frames in thousands of black homes displaying Obama, Oprah and Tyler Perry?

It's becoming a real possibility. Love him or hate him, Tyler Perry is one of the most influential African-Americans of the decade, and quite possibly the male version of Oprah Winfrey.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome back Chris Brown?

It’s official – Chris Brown is ready to be welcomed back to his former throne of celebrity and success. The pop star recently tweeted a photo of the certificate he received after completing a 52-week online domestic violence education program, saying simply “I’m done with class.” Seems like Chris Brown’s ready to put all this assault and battery stuff behind him… but are we?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Why are we still supporting R. Kelly?

Americans are a forgiving people, especially when it comes to celebrities. You can go to jail, murder a man, break the law and double back for more, and yet in the end we will readily welcome you back into the fold of celebrity with an apology and a meager explanation.

Is there anything we won't forgive? Any length that our celebrities and entertainers can go to which we will realize that forgiving their trespasses isn't a requirement, and even if forgiven, that doesn't necessarily mean they should be returned to the thrown of wealth and fame.

Like R. Kelly for example. Allegedly caught urinating on a 14-year-old girl in a sex tape that surfaced in 2002, the R&B superstar was exonerated by a jury of his peers six years later, thanks to a defense that boiled down to "it wasn't me."

Kudos to Kelly's very talented lawyers to pulling off that one. Under our judicial system Kelly is an innocent man and should be able to continue life as such. And yet when I see him working the late night talk show circuit, promoting his new album Love Letter it doesn't sit well with me. Why are we still supporting R. Kelly?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

All Dog Nativity Scene

Image via

This couldn't make me happier. I've never seen a more miserable pack of dogs reenact one of the most important moments in history. And one wise donkey who decided he'd played the ass long enough.

Merry X-Mas Ya'll. Make sure to thank lil' baby puppy Jesus for all your many blessings.

Friday, December 24, 2010

WTF Toy: Vampy Trashy Toy Dogs

The famed Mix Pups

On one hand: at least they're not people.

On the other: do dogs really need this treatment? Really, the one dog has the same haircut as T-boz. What kind of shit are they making kids play with these days?


This, however, is just south of awesome. A wee bit too weird to ever really purchase, but you have to give it to the toy designer for ambitiously blending the "I want a bike" "I want a pony" wish. Almost the best of both worlds.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maino and Ed Lover Are Taking Twitter Beef to the Streets

It sounds like the beginning of a corny joke: so Maino and Ed Lover walk into a mall... But it's true. The two were cruising the food court and decided to confront an unwitting Twitterer who gave a disparaging Tweet to the million-dollar Maino.

Now I'mma be very careful with my word choice right now, because unlike the doe-eyed girl in this video, I saw Maino on MTV's World of Jenks and know the man takes any and every offense seriously. Many a fool have been black-eyed for eating Maino's last Twinkie.

So a disclaimer: Maino, in no way am I saying you are wrong for handling this "beef."

However, it is strong to confront a girl in the mall because she tweeted something about no one wanting your autograph. Honestly, Twitter is a shit talking vehicle, and everyone knows it. The internet was invented for shit-talkers, and many of us have capitalized on this endeavor by becoming bloggers.

But Maino was it really necessary to run up on ol' girl because she said no one cared about you? If you spend every moment confronting haters and the like, you won't have any time to continue to build a career they can hate on. Not to mention I believe you should respond to beef in the medium in which it was started - don't be jumping fools over tweets! That's like when dummies started killing each other over battle tracks. It's not that serious. Go to Smoothie King, chill in the food court, and don't let some chick from LI steal your joy.

I guess this video is a cautionary tale to all the Tweeps... never talk shit about someone who has nothing better to do than run around making sure no one talks shit about them.  I must admit, both men look kind of petty for confronting a random person over a Tweet. Really? We're settling beefs that small now?

PS Maino - But was she right? Did anyone ask for your autograph? I'm just curious. You can't hate on the tweeted truth...

Friday, December 10, 2010

How far would you go on reality TV?

Reality shows aren't real. I know because I used to help make them. I've sat in meetings where development executives would create plotlines long before the show was even cast. I watched as producers coached reality stars on what they were supposed to say and do in a scene. Nothing that you see on reality shows is completely organic, that would cost too much money.

Scenes have to be decorated and lit, stars have to be mic'd and made up, extras have to be cast and legally cleared. Reality shows are more like low-budget and loosely scripted sitcoms, with one very important distinction -- the characters are supposed to be portraying themselves.

Whereas your favorite soap opera star can murder off a lover in one episode, and still peacefully go grab coffee the next day without getting accused of being a killer, there is no line between the fake and real on reality shows. We the viewer are supposed to believe everything we see, and consequently a star's personal life is their profession. If something monumental happens, a burgeoning reality star must capitalize on the moment by leaking the news to top gossip blogs and selling an "exclusive" of the story to Us Weekly. Publicity stunts aren't just the norm, they're a requirement for reality TV stars.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What if Jesus were white?

It feels like a silly question, and yet it is something that has been debated for decades. What color is Jesus?

It always seemed like a convenient coincidence that early crusading Christians promoted an image of a blue-eyed blonde-haired Jesus, even despite the fact that he is from a region of the world where that combination is hard to come by.

Nevertheless in all of the most prominent and well-known images of Christianity, there is Jesus, with his mane of golden hair and fair skin.

It is an individual's decision whether or not to dwell on the skin color of Jesus. When I was a kid, I was transfixed and defensive of my Jesus' race -- of course he was black! But as I got older, I learned to let this go. I try to focus more so on what he said, and not what he looked like.

Not to mention that debating the race of Christ seems futile. If Jesus were black or white, it would be hard to prove it either way, right? It's not like anyone has met him and lived to tell the (reputable) tale.

But leave it to Fox News to get the inside track on the afterlife. Recently they featured young tween author Colton Burpo, who, in his new book "Heaven is for Real", claims to have been to heaven and met Jesus. So what does God's right-hand man look like? According to Colton, he had a rough, but kind face, sea blue eyes, and a smile that lit up the heavens.

Wait a second kiddo did you say blue eyes? Sorry, but you must have him confused with someone else. Jesus isn't white.

Now, let's just suspend reality for a second, exclude the debate of whether this kid is telling the truth and just assume that he is. So what if Jesus actually was white?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To Victoria's Secret, re: Your fashion show

Dear Victoria's Secret,

Congratulations on another amazing show of beautiful women wearing fantastically impractical lingerie. This year your fashion show brought 9 million American viewers to CBS -- your largest audience in seven years! There was a breath-taking brigade of 34 models, six of whom were of color (and I'm including lone Asian model Liu Wen as a numbers boost). I'm not complaining -- Chanel Iman, Selita Ebanks, and Lais Ribeiro contributed an impressive 18 percent of boobs of color to your show. Lord knows how "difficult" it is to find decent models of color, so one behalf of the colored population of the world, I thank you.

And what a theme! "A Night of a Thousand Fantasies" featured six different themes to represent different types of women: heavenly bodies, pink, country girls, game on, tough love and wild things. The costumes were wonderfully creative and inventive, but one of the more notable scenes in your show was the "wild" segment, where, no doubt coincidentally, the models of color were prominently featured.

That was an accident, right?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where Children Sleep

A striking book by James Mollison that chronicles various "bedrooms" of children around the world. The stark contrasts are disturbing, but thanks to the creative presentation this book helps to highlight inequality across the globe. Here are a few photos from Mollison's book Where Children Sleep.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tumbleweave: A Poem

This truly is the case of being a poet and I didn't know it. Pontificating upon the curious cases of tumbleweave littering Brooklyn, I was struck with a creative inspiration from God. BEHOLD! Tumbleweave: A Poem.

Where do the tumbleweave go?
Is there no hair onto which they can sew?
No scalp wither to pretend to grow?
Nary an aid for the folically po'?

Why do the tumbleweave leave?
Is it an insult to be a weave?
Do they exit with a giant heave?
Searching for sidewalks on which to cleave?

Wither pony will you no longer tail?
Released from your sewn in jail -
Will you thrive in a birds nest, or just fail?


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