Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maino and Ed Lover Are Taking Twitter Beef to the Streets

It sounds like the beginning of a corny joke: so Maino and Ed Lover walk into a mall... But it's true. The two were cruising the food court and decided to confront an unwitting Twitterer who gave a disparaging Tweet to the million-dollar Maino.

Now I'mma be very careful with my word choice right now, because unlike the doe-eyed girl in this video, I saw Maino on MTV's World of Jenks and know the man takes any and every offense seriously. Many a fool have been black-eyed for eating Maino's last Twinkie.

So a disclaimer: Maino, in no way am I saying you are wrong for handling this "beef."

However, it is strong to confront a girl in the mall because she tweeted something about no one wanting your autograph. Honestly, Twitter is a shit talking vehicle, and everyone knows it. The internet was invented for shit-talkers, and many of us have capitalized on this endeavor by becoming bloggers.

But Maino was it really necessary to run up on ol' girl because she said no one cared about you? If you spend every moment confronting haters and the like, you won't have any time to continue to build a career they can hate on. Not to mention I believe you should respond to beef in the medium in which it was started - don't be jumping fools over tweets! That's like when dummies started killing each other over battle tracks. It's not that serious. Go to Smoothie King, chill in the food court, and don't let some chick from LI steal your joy.

I guess this video is a cautionary tale to all the Tweeps... never talk shit about someone who has nothing better to do than run around making sure no one talks shit about them.  I must admit, both men look kind of petty for confronting a random person over a Tweet. Really? We're settling beefs that small now?

PS Maino - But was she right? Did anyone ask for your autograph? I'm just curious. You can't hate on the tweeted truth...

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