Monday, December 27, 2010

Why are we still supporting R. Kelly?

Americans are a forgiving people, especially when it comes to celebrities. You can go to jail, murder a man, break the law and double back for more, and yet in the end we will readily welcome you back into the fold of celebrity with an apology and a meager explanation.

Is there anything we won't forgive? Any length that our celebrities and entertainers can go to which we will realize that forgiving their trespasses isn't a requirement, and even if forgiven, that doesn't necessarily mean they should be returned to the thrown of wealth and fame.

Like R. Kelly for example. Allegedly caught urinating on a 14-year-old girl in a sex tape that surfaced in 2002, the R&B superstar was exonerated by a jury of his peers six years later, thanks to a defense that boiled down to "it wasn't me."

Kudos to Kelly's very talented lawyers to pulling off that one. Under our judicial system Kelly is an innocent man and should be able to continue life as such. And yet when I see him working the late night talk show circuit, promoting his new album Love Letter it doesn't sit well with me. Why are we still supporting R. Kelly?

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