Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kim Kardashian: friend to black people

I, like most women (and perhaps most people), didn't care for Kim Kardashian when she first made her debut on the celebutant scene. If your biggest claim to fame is having a big ass and making a sex tape with Ray J, that much does not a celebrity make.

Regardless of her obvious shortcomings, Kim Kardashian's stuck around our collective public perception like a bad STD. And though it'd be great to take a neat little pill and pretend it was a one-night-only ordeal, I've come to the slow sad recognition that little Kimmie may just be here to stay. So if she's going to hang around black people, maybe we should at least start claiming her? Thus, in the grand tradition of Dave Chappelle's "race draft", here are a few reasons why we should consider drafting Kim Kardashian.

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