Friday, January 7, 2011

Not surprised - Lil' Wayne only likes light-skinned chicks

Lil' Wayne's back in the hot seat. The lyrics from his new single "Right Above" have pissed off some of his fans, a few of whom are vowing to boycott the artist.

In the song Lil' Wayne rhymes "beautiful black woman, I bet that b*tch look better red." That would have been enough to elicit some eye rolls, but insult got added to injury when a female fan shared an alleged incident she experienced with the rapper. The self-described dark-skinned fan took to gossip website Bossip, claiming that when she asked the rapper why he would use the above lyric when his daughter is brown-skinned, Lil' Wayne replied "my daughter is a dark skinned millionaire, that's the difference between her and you." He then supposedly went on to say that he made sure that all his other baby mommas were light-skinned.

Whether or not this story is true, it doesn't exactly seem far-fetched. This just in from Captain Obvious: rappers show preference to light-skinned women. It appears to be some universal law applied to all up and coming rappers' contracts. Just take a look at the music video chronology of the average aspiring hip hop star: the first debut video takes place on the block. They've got people from the hood they grew up with, average folk dancing in a street party with some caddies and broads from the local strip club. A few videos and maybe an album later, you've got the club video -- glossy, celebrity friends, video girls who have gotten noticeably more attractive and better dressed, not to mention lighter skinned.

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