Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As if enduring death threats from angry hormonal tweens weren't enough, Grammy Award winner Esperanza Spalding had to incur another act of violence via Justin Bieber -- he touched her hair.

The two sat down with the Associated Press after Spalding's surprising Best New Artist win. The jazz musician showed the depth of her patience and character by bearing an interview with Bieber in the first place -- since when does the loser get more camera time than the folk who walked away with the award? But the awkward moment escalates to absolute cringe-worthy when the interviewer asks the pair "how do you feel about each other?" Bieber replies "I like you hair," patting Spalding's 'fro like a memory foam mattress.

Now I'm probably preaching to the choir on this one, but for the painfully uniformed and ignorant, please heed this simple PSA: DO NOT TOUCH A BLACK PERSON'S HAIR.

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