Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Guide To Shopping At Forever 21

The pearly gates of bargain shopping heaven
 This isn't for my bougie bitches... this goes out to all my budget ballers. (To my male readers: Not only can you educate yourself on the shopping ways of your woman, F21 has a men's section, so these strategies can work for you too!)

Just got paid and looking to ball out? "It's friday and i'm ready to hang, head to Forever 21, and let me do my thang..."

Oh yea, Mc'in up in this bitch.

Forever 21 shopping sprees are like crack to a budget-loving shopper like me, because
a.) they have a huge selection and
b.) they have cheap prices.

Now of course there's a caveat to that - sometimes their quality can be disposable-level bad. BUT! If you are looking to buy something super super trendy, and therefor probably won't last longer than it takes for them to ring up your purchase, F21 is a good place to curb the shopping itch without feeling too broke. However, like all good things, shopping in F21 needs temperance and forebarence.

1. Get your mind right - One of the many catch 22s of F21 is that it's crowded as fuck. Like Ellis Island in 1919 crowded. You will have to push past broads to get to clothing, then push past broads to get a fitting room, and then push past broads to get to the register, and then push past broads to leave. There have been many a time when I stepped in F21 and did a prompt pivot-turn because my mind wasn't right for the crowds and chaos.

2. Have a game plan - Know what you want, and stick to it. Be ye not swayed by that glittering top retailing at a low $14.99. Their clothes may be cheap, but if you don't set a budget and a plan, you can easily walk out the store with $200 worth of $10 tank tops. And don't even think about returning (we'll get to that later). Also, the store is intimidatingly large and diverse. I suggest doing a recon lap, then a second round to make more detailed selections. At least that's how I like to tackle shopping.

3. Quality control - If you see something you like, after you try it on, CHECK THAT SHIT. Look for holes, missing zippers, hanging threads, any type of discrepancies. The shit is so cheap because they've got overworked and underpaid foreigners slaving to pump out their clothes. Combine that with the trifling broads these type of stores attract, and if you're not careful you'll walk away with an outfit covered in deoderant stains and concealer. Ick.

4. Make sure you are committed - They don't call it Forever 21 for nothing. The return policy in a word: whack. No refunds, only store credit. So when you buy, make sure that if you don't love the item completely, you're at least willing to part with that cash FOREVER. It ain't coming back.

There you have it. Everything you ever needed to know to conquer this fashion bohemoth. Use my wisdom, go forth and prosper. Happy budget balling.

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