Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The requisite "sorry for my absence" post

Ohhh bloggity bloggy blog blog.

This is a post that I have started to write at least 5 times prior, but I always stall.

The good news: I've been really busy writing for other people! The bad news: I've abandoned my home base. The question: how personal should I get? I’ve written about personal things in the past, but it’s usually fairly vague, or back when I was pretty sure only 4 people were reading this diddy. Now reposting other stuff takes up a lot of real estate here at ye' olde winke and gunne, however I know that's not necessarily dynamic or interesting, not to mention exciting for me (who has to semi-censor when writing for duckets). However, I'se scurred.

And I know it is incredibly boring to blog about if I should personal blog – it reminds me of my least favorite Nas verse EVAR, in which he spends the first few measures of Kanye’s “we major” rapping about what he should rap about (“Should I freestyle or write?” You should probably stop wasting my time, for starters.). But it’s a very real question for me, because in our heightened world of social networking, the private has become that much more of a hot commodity. I’m glad when I google “kia wood” I still come up with wood dash kits for kia cars. Anonymity is valuable, and letting people in can be a veritable pandora’s box. Who the hell knows what will happen – but I always find it super hypocritical when people want to get all quiet and secretive and try to leave aspects of their personal life off the table. Once you open up it’s hard to be selective about people want to know about you. Essentially, you asked for it.

I suppose I know I’m going to take the plunge. This post is more so to say – here goes nothing. I’m sensitive and scared, so be gentle. Also - say some mean shit to me and I swear to gawd I will release all the wrath I possess in my being. Vengeance is my strong card.


Gossip Girl

PS - but don't think this joint's about to get all ex-pose-zay on you - I'm a scorpio. Secretiveness is also my strong card.

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