Thursday, April 7, 2011

The essential happy list

 A guide to maintaining me (in no order, but all necessary):

1. Music – lots and lots and different kinds

2. Adventure – stimulates my imagination

3. Alone time – to engross myself with my own company

4. Learning – to stretch my mind in new ways

5. Cuddles – as much as I am a tough girl, I need cuddles. There is healing in touch.

6. Tears – in accepting I am a cryer, these are necessary to express the inexpressible

7. Writing – for sanity.

8. Exercise – it really boosts the endorphins.

9. Nature – I’m not the most outdoorsiest of people, but nature is the clearest expression of God for me.

10. God – to remember it’s not all on me.

11. Laughter – until I cry, or pee.

What makes you happy?

PS - What I'm reading right now: Be Happy! by Robert Holden. I believe.

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