Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why am I obsessed with tiny things?

I don’t know. That’s a question I myself don’t know the answer to. I could blame it on books like The Ghost in The Dollhouse and The Indian in the Cupboard but that wouldn't be all the way true.

My obsession was before then.

Rodents. I love(d) rodents. Because they are small with beady eyes. Ok. I love small things, miniatures, the coolest place I ever went as a kid was miniature world.

I don’t know why. I just do. It’s just so cute and squee I myself could squee with delight. And I do, every time I see something small. Don’t even get me started on calico critters. I recently spent over 30 minutes in a toy store debating if I would by myself one (maybe) and if I did, which one would I buy (chipmunks, naturally), and if a 27 year old woman can justifiably purchase without a semblance of shame or embarrassment (no).
one day you will be mine. oh yes. you will be mine.

Seriously, it’s not even genetic. It’s just irresistibly cute, and if you have the strength to resist, then God bless you. I struggle daily, but the battle is not mine…

PS - yes, this is an annual post in which I rave about tiny things. That's how obsessions go... all-consuming. 

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  1. I am actually obsessed with miniature things too, but specially people! I also blame it on the indian in the cupboard, or honey I shrunk the kids, honey I shrunk ourselves, the magical legend of the leprechauns (although they're taller...) I really love miniature things and i'd love to have a miniature version of my h ouse.



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