Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My 72 hour juice cleanse: Day 2

Gulps of juice drank 1: 0
Solid food ate 2: 0
Thoughts about food 3:10
Bathroom trips 4:10
Times I felt mildly unwell 5: 1

  1 I Now know the secret to my juice cleanse success - sip don't gulp. The  vodka chug action I was doing was causing fishbowl stomach, probably because I was gulping air too. Today I drank like a civilized person and was rewarded - though I felt full, I never felt juice-full-nauseated. Overall an easier day drinking. The green monster was still nasty, but I knew at the end of the day I would be rewarded with the almond nut milk, which BTW has 480 calories, the most caloric drink on the cleanse. But I think they do that so you can sleep without hunger pains. I know I slept like a champ Monday night.

   2  Yeeaaa boi! I made it the whole day food free.

  3 Which isn't to say I didn't think about food. I still think about the delicious food that I took for granted in my solid food days -  empanadas (I am obsessed, ok?), mashed potatoes and saut√©ed spinach, fried chicken, popeye's biscuits, turkey chili, pasta... I'm not even hungry so much as I miss food. I miss food like the desert miss the rain. I'm coming to realize how much of a social tool food is for me. I string out snacks like breadcrumbs to get through my day, checking online at 11:30am to see the soup specials, then moseying over to Hale and Hearty or Dishes 2 hours later to smell and taste and get out the office. No reason to hang out with friends when you're not eating (or drinking). No excuse to leave your desk when you're not eating.

  4 Except to pee - pee breaks are the new lunch break ya'll! I was seriously spacing out bathroom breaks like little motivators - finish this task and you can go pee! And it was actually really exciting. And rewarding. And only a little bit strange.

  Today was the day my body realized it really wasn't getting any food. And overall I felt okay with that, but two things: (1) I felt a little headache, like a mild light-headedness towards the end of the day and (2) I felt my sinuses rearranging themselves, like they do when I'm on an airplane (my congested folk will feel me). I definitely wasn't anticipating any sinus action off this cleanse, but it's the only culprit. So yay to that, because I am perpetually plagued by mucus, hence why this is a blog and not a radio show.

And now, a word on poop: pathetic. I've seen Upper East side chihuahuas give more work. I chugged two tbsps of the olive oil Tuesday night. Wish me luck.


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