Thursday, June 30, 2011

My 72 hour juice cleanse: Day 3

Things you should know about doing a juice cleanse:

1. Try drinking a green juice (cucumbers, spinach, kale, etc) before you start. Though the green monster never got "good" to me, per se, I think my previous experience with green juices made it easier for me to drink.

It takes a baby about 13 taste tests before they really decide whether or not they like a certain food. I'm pretty sure that doesn't change even as an adult.

2. Shake it first. The green juice will get a scary brown color when it separates - don't look just shake!

3. Have a good reason and goal in mind when you start. A juice cleanse won't help you drop weight. Not 3 days at least. Luckily my goal was to cut the junk food cravings, and I think my mission was somewhat accomplished (though I do still miss food). I do feel healthier, I'm glad I gave my digestive system a break. I think my first day would have been easier had I been a bit more focused on what I was trying to do.

4. Don't be glib - it's not that easy. By the second and third mornings I was waking up like "oh I got this," but then lunch hour would come. Lunch is my FAVORITE meal of the day, and I'd sit in my office and smell everyone else's deliciousness and slurp green monster resentfully. All of a sudden drinking just juice wasn't so easy anymore.

5. But don't be discouraged - you can do it! Focus my child. It's only 3 days (though they did feel a little bit shorter than eternity). However it's a sacrifice your body will appreciate.

6. You will look forward to the almond milk, and almost feel like it's a guilty pleasure - don't feel guilty. You worked for it (and it's good for you!). Almond milks had me straight for the night - I didn't feel hungry, or even think about food at all after the almond milk.

Overall, a hearty two thumbs up to the Cooler Cleanse. I didn't feel that ill, and though I was hungry, it was more of an "i miss food" feeling than and actual "oh shit I haven't had any solid food" feeling.

My goal is to stay off the wheat, sugar and dairy for a while after this, cause I'm pretty sure my body just barely tolerates them. However it's 4th of July weekend, so I might be screwed.

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