Thursday, September 29, 2011

Animal news: All your pets are fat

Your dog can't say no to seconds. Your cat is an emotional eater. Eating is the only way your hamster feels loved. Bad for your pets, but great for my entertainment. Over half of U.S. pets are over weight and it's an EPIDEMIC... of hilarity. I know, health is serious, blah blah, but fat pets just entertain me.

Filing a wrongful termination suit against the local fire department. He's got da'beedes. 

Eats to try to forget his alley cat days. He saw things that would make a grown man cry.

She's not big - she's big boneded. 

Caught snacking on fallen scraps at Marilyn's 50th birthday bash.

Is probably high.

Aspires to be the canine version of Rick Ross.

Fat, but still flexible. 

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