Monday, September 26, 2011

National Sisters Day

The knock-knee'd days. And the only time in life when my sister was bigger than me. 

There are two lies my sister Mimi told me when we were little:

1.       Clear ocean water is dirty, cloudy ocean water is clean.
2.       Never chew gum on the toilet, because bad things will happen.

I believed these two things for a very long time.

It took me an equal amount of time to really accept that they really weren’t true.

Because when you have an older sister, most things she says seems like gospel. 

When I was sad, Mimi would dance around stuffed animals to cheer me up. When we would play business (which, in case you don’t know, is the world’s most fun game that requires at least 4 people and two days to play),  Mimi would always have the best business (usually involving some type of stuffed animals), but would kindly help me come up with an equally good business.

When she was a teenager Mimi was a bit of a, *cough* *knowing side eye*, but when I followed her to college she was the best thing to prevent homesickness.

In short, Mimi has always made my life better.

One of the few times a pilgrim and a Native American actually got along. 

Few people know how to make me laugh like Mimi. We have shorthand that allows us to be silly and laugh until we cry and can’t breathe, or worse, until I pee (of which I am not proud, but if you make me laugh until I pee, then you are truly hilarious).

Fact is, having a sister is pretty awesome. They're the perfect playmates, and if you're lucky, they grow up to be dependable people you can turn to in times of need, coaching you through life's rough moments, and always finding a way to make you smile.

I love that people mistake us for one another other, and that in college, people would always recognize me as her sister. I knew her good reputation proceeded me.

To be dramatic, I worship my sister. To be simple, I've always looked up to her, and am so lucky that I got a good one.

So when it's her born day, I'm so happy that I've had another year to laugh, cry and play with her.

The life and times of a nose picker. Peep the apple computer yo!

Happy birthday, Milly-ki-ay! And I forgive you for those lies :)

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