Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I'm Obsessed with Right Now

1. Pinterest
Oh this is my happy place. Tuck me in a don't let me go. Pictures of food, far away lands, quotes to build you up, little animals to make you laugh. Pinterest has sustained me these past few weeks, a place I could go to unplug and dream about warm homecooked meals, crafts done with care, and beautiful places I might someday go. I'm obsessed. Follow me!

Sofrito chicken stew. I made this twice in 30 days. See #3.
2. Pictures of Food
Thanks to Pinterest. This may be one in the same with #1, but it is important enough to get it's own shout out. I have found a passion for pictures of delicious food, and fantasizing about what food in said pictures might taste like in real life.

3. Cooking
Get in my belly all you delicious pictures of food on Pinterest. My life was is some serious need of comfort food, and I've filled the hole with all types of delicious fattiness (and some healthy shit too).
Not to mention, cooking is how I love. When  I really care about people, I cook. Turtle has been needing a lot of love lately, so I've been cooking 2-3 times a week (I always aim for leftovers). I might probably will share some recipes, so get excited, k.

First it hurts, then you wake up in heaven.

4. TP Roller
Holy fucking stretching awesomeness. Goodbye soreness. I got put on to this joint at one of my random Gilt City workouts, and now I REFUSE to workout without it. Basically you roll on top of this thing after doing your workout. It looks harmless, but it actually is fairly painful, because it works in your muscle tendons and does some fancy science stuff with lactic acid or something. All I know is, where I used to have the sorest quads and hammies, I can now wake up in the am and my body's like, fuck yea, lets do that again. It is nothing short of a miracle worker, and anyone who suffers through tight legs should totally get one.

Please forgive this photoshop horror. Google images did the best he could.

5. Wine Lipstick
I keep thinking about Nia Long in Best Man, and how back then dark lips was totally in, and maybe it should come back. So I'm riding that wave.

Me on my way to work.

6. Reading on my iPhone
Ok ya'll. I'm super hyped to this new thing called an iPhone, and you can read on it and shit, and it's really awesome. I know, I'm hella late. But OMG, my commute is much more awesome because of instapaper, kindle, and pdf reader. AAAAAND I can read send me a story (shout to the black chinaman), a very awesome online service that just sends you awesome non-fiction stories. Of the awesomeness I've read lately - elephants raping rhinos in Africa, Sasha Grey at 18, everything you need to know about crowd crush, and an interview with Steve Jobs from 1988 Playboy. As a purveyor of random information, this is EXTREMELY awesome for me. awesomeawesomeawesome.  a

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