Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A very scary Halloween

What is love? I can’t take it. Kim and Kris broke up (a thing that has really caused me reconsider the culpability of celebrities, and I worked in reality TV!), and then these guys went and pulled a doppelganger like that couple I posted last week.

Ohh this is so creepy!

This might be the scariest Halloween ever.

It's embarrassing how disturbed I am by the K&K breakup. I mean, okay I'll come out as a closet fan, even though I'd like to air a disclaimer that I don't so much like Kim as I do her crazy family, but I'm generally captivated by family dynamics, so I'll watch the Kardashians in times of TV programming need. I promise, I'm still smart. I just happen to like some dumb things.

Anyways. I'm really disappointed, don't they have any pride? I would have stayed married at least a year. This marriage makes Kim look like a fraud (which I guess she always was, but my hope was that under all that flesh and makeup something real existed, and maybe the poor tin woman actually had a heart), and maybe I should stop feeling bad for the invasive lives celebrities lead, because clearly some are complicit with the paparazzi and gossip mags in their exploitation, and welcome it. Don't people have more scruples?
*end rant*

Moving on. I give a damn about Halloween, so I scrounged up some old mask I bought in New Orleans and called it a day at some bar bday party across the street from Occupy Wall St (which was kind of awkward), and subsequently got "Party Rock Anthem" stuck in my head. So we'll call the night a draw. That we live in a world where LMFAO can have thriving careers confuses me. Whatever happened to the beauty and elegance of a one-hit wonder?

I like Halloween costumes conceptually, but not financially (read: I've got better ways to waste my money). However, I wish, I WISH I would have remembered my favorite show Toddlers and Tiaras, so I could have fantasized about dressing up as a oversi
UPDATE: Fergie stole my fucking costume. I hate her.
UPDATE 2: I removed that fucking video because it kept playing every time you come to the homepage. How rude.

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