Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could have been me: man donates 80 hamsters

You'd be surprised how many images show up when you google "hamster party."

The man, whose name was not released, estimated he had about 80 hamsters in his apartment. He did not own a car and planned to take them to the animal shelter in a cab, said Mike Keiley, director of Nevins Family Adoption Center.
He started out with just two, a male and a female he bought from a pet store and over time, they continued to reproduce.
“He couldn’t afford them any longer,’’ Keiley said of the man, who is receiving welfare payments. “He had gone hungry a couple nights in order to feed his hamsters.’’
At the start, the hamsters were kept in fish tanks, typical, but then the owner needed to get more creative and began using things like 5-gallon buckets, Tupperware containers, and an empty cat litter box.- The Boston Globe

Except I killed my hamster by letting her teeth grow into her head. BUT! It was an accident. AND! I gave her a proper burial.
But lawd, I loved me some hamsters. RIP Priscilla.

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