Friday, November 30, 2012

The Bath Loving Dog

How am I just now seeing this??? Internet, you're failing me right now.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

this is why i can't post pictures of myself

I took a really cute selfie of myself this am, but since I still won't allow myself the vanity of self portraits on instagram, i thought I'd write about it instead, since I'm a writer and writing about myself is okay.
I like cut my hair a few weeks ago, and now it's growing out hardbody cause i've been downing 5,000mcgs of biotin daily because i don't know long hair is a woman's true beauty even though I think I look better with shorter hair so whatever. But anyways I like pulled back my hair into this messy sloppy bun, but then left some out in the front, kind of like a messy aliyah bang, and then swept the longer pieces under my face so it kind of looks like a short haircut I'd get if I wasn't so afraid of not being able to make a pony tail.
My makeup is poppin cause ive actually been trying to give a fuck these days, with like some liner so my eyes look bedroom sexy but bright, and i learned to do my brows (which are also growing in hammertime because of the biotin, ftmfw, since i got them overwaxed years ago and the hairs on my left brow had decided to go on a growth strike), and put on some blush, which is my fav, along with some hot and naughty mac mascara, which i am addicted to. But the piece de resistance is my prince noir lips, which make me feel super sexy in a nia long from love jones way, which is exactly what i was going for, so yay for execution. (Don't worry, I don't do duck face though, my expression is kind of an open mouth smize, just like tyra taught me.)
Ive got this louis vuitton gray scarf on that i love that i stole from my mom who got it from her friend when her friend's mom died and i was just like, lady, i will do this scarf more justice, and she wisely didn't fight me for it (my mom, not the dead lady). It's kind of intensely wrapped around my neck cause i don't fuck with no cold breezes on my neck, but like, it's still cute.
And then there's like a light flare in the upper right hand corner of the pic from my ceiling fan/light, which is cool, but not on purpose, because i really don't know how to take selfies and I really refuse to learn how to, since then i'd be all vain and shit, and really, who has time for that?
My lack of photo skills also explains my iphone 3 (i know, sad face) prominent placement in the photo, along with my nails. However it doesn't explain why my nails look janky, which is really just the outcome of an inexperience woman wearing gel nails and too lazy to get them redid in a timely fashion before shit gets real. It is a cute mani, but it is a dead mani, with new growth poppin like a motherfucker. Oh well. One thing at a time.
So yea. That's my cute selfie i wanted to share with ya'll so i could get mad likes and feel good about myself, but i'm too self-conscious to post self-portraits so I wrote about it instead.

UPDATE: An artist rendering by @luvbrasco below

UPDATE 2: Now with low bun, light flare, and correct color lips(@luvbrasco still)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Proper Way To Flirt

Charlie Chapman could get it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

songz that really make me excited to be under 30 and childless

My birthday's in a few days. I'm turning 29. Cue small panic.

Quite poetic really, with the lyrics and everything.



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