Monday, February 4, 2013

The Only Thing I Really Liked About The Superbowl

Let's be real people: I'm not watching the Superbowl.

First off, I don't really care for football. Call it a childhood traumatized by cheering for the Bills, only to watch them lose again, and again, and again (and again).
Also, I can't really see the player's faces, so I can't talk about who's hot and who's my new boyfriend, and who's my friend, and who's my enemy. 
If I'm going to watch a sport, I'm going to watch basketball, because I can tell who's my new pro-athlete boyfriend (haaay sefolosha!) and who seems like I went to high school with them and are really good friends of mines (the rest of the OKC), and who looks like a guy who I would go to my church (oh you mean Andrew Bynum, Deacon Bynum's son?).
 See? Basketball is way more interesting-er. 
Superbowl? I'm just here for the food, fellowship and commercials. 
And maybe the halftime show (though Beyonce truly vexes me). 

So, my faves:

RACHET-ASS OLD PEOPLE - AKA, me in 50 years

THE TRUTH ABOUT BABIES - knew it. Also, babies of all genus and species??? YES MY OVARIES. (However I think they did a shitty job actually promoting the car)

FISH SINGS BLACKSTREET - Um, it's a no-brainer.

**Ed Note: Oh, you thought I was gonna say Beyonce? Hahahaha. Not today son. Not today. 

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