Friday, March 8, 2013

A Haiku For Nick Offerman

Your bushy moustache
Is filled with talent and love
And hope for mankind

"We were hanging out in Austin [shooting Somebody Up There Likes Me], and we would sit around watching So You Think You Can Dance, because his wife, Megan Mullally, who he is 100 percent obsessed with — I've never seen a man who's been married for, like, fifteen years, he's obsessed with her, so madly in love with her — so we would sit around together watching So You Think You Can Dance, because she was coaching or a guest judge on it, so he could talk to her about it. She would call right after the episode, and he would talk to her about how it got edited, if she said anything helpful to the dancers, all of that stuff ... Honestly, of any couple I've ever met, that's the couple I admire most. I've actually never met a couple that supportive and that passionate. I want what they have."

Jess Weixler on co-star Nick Offerman's (aka Ron Swanson, the best man alive) never ending love for his wife Via Vulture

I recently saw Offerman perform and yes - this man really fucking loves his wife a whole fucking much.

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