Monday, March 18, 2013

Things I Will Ask You When We Hang Out

1. Is this what you thought being an adult was like?
2. Who would you rather: Beyonce or Rihanna
3. Do you think Rick Ross has that work?
4. How did Lil' Wayne get all those pretty women? And does it have anything to do with the fact that he's always rapping about eating pussy?
5. Is it weird that Lil' Wayne is always rapping about eating pussy?
6. Do you watch Big Bang theory?

Answer key (cause yes, there are correct answers to further our friendship): 1. If you don't remember your childhood interpretation of adulthood, we can't be friends. 2. If you answer Beyonce, I'm always going to feel like we haven't exactly connected. 3. If you say yes, I like your sense of imagination, because let's be real, the answer is no. 4. There is no logical answer to this question, and if you try to make one, then I'm going to assume that you too would fuck Lil' Wayne, in which case, um... I admire your honesty, but no. 5. The correct answer is yes, it is slightly weird. 6. If you answer yes, GTFO out of my face, my life, and off my blog. That's the worse show created, and your sense of humor is ass. 

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