Friday, March 29, 2013


Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement from Bless Bless Productions on Vimeo.

Why wouldn't you let 2 nice old ladies get married? What type of heartless asshole would say "no old ladies, though ya'll are very cute and adorable and love each other very much and one of you is about to DIE so it doesn't really matter anyway, we won't let you legally declare what you've basically been doing for the past 45 years."
There are much more important things - the fact that we're killing the planet on which we live, so all of these futile arguments we have won't matter if we all die due to our own selfish wants, the fact that we are killing each other at such astonishing rates that we've become indifferent to murder as a whole, the fact that we have these rampant incurable diseases tearing down whole communities at astonishing rates, the fact that compassion has been demoted as a universal practice - that we as a kind should be debating than whether two consenting adults can sign a piece of paper and file taxes together. Give me a fucking break. Stop wasting my time stupid lawmakers and legalize gay marriage already so we can get back to shit that actually matters. 

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