Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Which I Take a Moment For @Iamdiddy...

Ya'll. Perhaps you have gotten hints of it before, in casual conversation, in written posts, in ghost tweets, and long hazy diatribes, but allow me to make a formal motherfucking statement: I fucking love P.Diddy (or Diddy, or Sean Combs, or Puffy... whoever the fuck he is this month).

He is what I like to call one of the coachroaches of hip hop, an esteemed club of artists who, no matter what the situation or occassion, WILL NEVER EVER GO AWAY.

He is the king of reinvention, a genius at manipulating the media, inserting himself into whatever is "hot now," always elevating his personal brand to remind you that HIS TALENTS ARE NOT TO BE TOUCHED NOR RIVALED.

I wouldn't trust him with my career AT ALL, but I have to say, I respect his hustle spirit.
Like how the fuck did he insert himself into a Brittney Spears remix? How I ask you. HOW???

All he did was yell and make sure there was good product placement.

But he's a crafty motherfucker. And I respect that.

AND HE'S "DATING" KATE UPTON NOW.  Talk about a pop culture fame troll, way to bait 'em Dids!

I'm not even going to be ashamed to say it: I fucking love his music. I stan for Danity Kane, Press Play was a solid album, and Diddy Dirty Money's album is STILL IN ROTATION for me. Solid from start to finish.

No, I wouldn't work for him, and I doubt I'd even want to meet him, but I SEE YOU P.DIDDY. And I like what I see.


[Note: We need to have a longer convo about B. Spears. But my brain just cannot compute her anymore. Shadow dancer of her former self. Also:
1. WTF Waka? WTF. Your verse was trash (not that anyone was really trying here, but you ruined what could have been an adequate club song.
2. Is Lil' Wayne growing bangs? ]

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