Friday, July 12, 2013

Reasons Why I Might Be Turning Into Kanye West

1. I seriously think that my presence is a present. Whenever I go to an event for my friends, I dress cute and then tell them "I dressed cute for you. You're welcome."
2. I've started cataloguing items for my signature collection. As of right now, I have a signature cookie (dancing deer molasses clove) and lighting (ikea) and drink (coco bulls (TM pending))
3. I'm always interrupting people, like persistently
4. I am seeking a partner who can fulfill my shallow accessorizing needs - like i really just want a clean palate of a man so i can dress him and style him in ways I see fit (read: male amber rose)
5. I have delusions of grandeur. This has been an ongoing issue since birth.
6. I'm always trying to make it clear to people that they don't really know me.

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