Monday, August 26, 2013

These Are The Books That Made Me

 The original turn up queen. Apparently I've had a love for parties since young.

I'm HELLA nosey, so this book spoke to me... and also led to a brief time in which I "spied" on everyone and wrote everything down.
I mean, it's a book about a mouse. Duh. Love. But it's also kind of a life truism - motherfuckers always want more, so fuck generosity (just kidding, but lowkey 25 years later, that's how this book reads).

Gateway drug to futuristic sci-fi... an obsession I hold to this day.

Whenever I have a reallllllllllly shitty day, I think about this book. It bees like that sometimes.

Ed Note: I feel some level of guilt that there are only children's books on this list.

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