Friday, December 3, 2021

Bring back blogging

time is a flat circle sometimes its its appropriate to pick up where you left off.
like, innovation is on a decline, and weve monetized our existence to the very ends of our beings,
its a dead end 
 nothing at the end of that corridor. 

 so, we turn around. 
try again. 
 fuck it, we blog. 

 im starved for sharing. a year in isolation.* my brain is clever and sharp, but I am bored, and lonely. 

I have remained ignorant in allegiance with a willful expression of peace, I do not want to be inside the 24hr news cycle, worried, yet comfortable (for now?).

I don’t understand this thing. 

But, I miss you. The way you laugh. The stink of your breath. 

At my folks house they got cnn on 24/7, the house trembles with the persistent anxiety of breaking news, except it’s every hour on the hour, same news, same clips, a hypnotizing mantra of the end of the world in red and loud, between commercials for skyrizi and aarp.

I had to start a new Twitter (@kiakiakiaaa2) because my job made that bitch feel like LinkedIn, and it fills me with so much rage. 

Even though I absolutely love my job! 

Them niggas got zero internet flavor. 

Anyway, I like it when I think no ones looking (even though someone,** somehow,*** always is).

And I like it when there aren’t any/many rules. 

All things old are new again, as we continue to palm our way, on all fours, though this dark room of our existence. 

Face down, ass up. 

Wish us luck. 

Enjoy the show. 

I love you. 

*longer really but see subhead
**usually me
***by observing the self, consciously and subconsciously^
^but yea also I love documenting myself I’m obsessed


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